10 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Me



One thing I truly believe in as a wedding photographer is that it’s important for my clients and me to jive.  I always explain to my potential clients that they will be spending A LOT of time with me on their wedding day.  And, I will be there during the most personal moments, too.  It’s important that you can imagine me being there on your wedding day, which is why I hope to open up more to my clients and potentials clients in 2018!

With that being said, here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about me:

  1. Ryan and I have spent the last five-plus years trying to watch all of the movies on IMDB’s Top 250 List.  The list is ever-changing, but we will never stop trying to reach 100%!  It would give me a headache to try to come up with my favorite movie!
  2. I am really good at Tetris! One of my first jobs was pretty slow, and we were allowed to be on the internet during our free time.  I used my free time to play Tetris, and I became REALLY good at it.  My ranking was in the top 5% when I stopped playing.
  3. The first album I ever owned was Celebrity by *NSYNC! It was a birthday present from my parents.  They also got me a purple boom box to play it on.  I have fond memories of jumping on the bed dancing and singing along with my little sister!
  4. I am a diehard Chipotle fan. I eat there at least once a week sometimes twice.  I order the same thing every time: white rice, black beans, mild salsa, cheese, and guac on the side.  I never get tired of it!
  5. I grew up as the second oldest of four children.  However, my baby brother is much younger than me, so I always felt like the middle child (Middle Child Syndrome is a thing!)
  6. For many years I wanted to become a fashion designer.  I had a sewing machine, spent my free time rifling through the latest collections on Vogue.com, and I drew my own fashion designs (which I still have!)
  7. My favorite books to read are self-help books.  This is a little embarrassing to admit, but it’s completely true!  I’m such a practical person that I even want my reading time to be productive.
  8. I love Space!  I can still remember the day when NASA announced they found water on Mars.
  9. I ran track in high school.  I was NOT good.  I was very slow.  But, it instilled in me a love for running, and I still enjoy (slowly) running to this day!
  10. I’m left-handed and flat-footed.  I guess these are two facts pushed into one, but they both complicate my life a little bit!  I hate using scissors, and I have to run with chunky shoes just to save my feet.

There we go!  Ten things you may or may not have known about me! Thanks for taking the time to learn more!



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