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Just wait until you see this sweet engagement session!  We had a beautiful sunset for the occasion, and I couldn’t have been more excited about it!  This was the first time this year that we had a true sunset with glowy light.

We started off in Cherokee Park.  We were able to find some beautifully lit fields.  The greens in Cherokee Park look fluorescent right now.  In fact, all of Louisville seems to be this way!  I love the fresh, Spring green in April.  It’s exciting!  After finding some great spots in Cherokee Park, we headed downtown to the Waterfront Park.  Despite having lived in Louisville for four years before I moved away, I had never actually shot at this prime location.  Ryan and I used to go for walks there in college, but never really with a camera.  I was so excited for the opportunity, especially given the gorgeous sunset!!

Tara and Mark are the sweetest.  They are both from the Philippines, and are getting married this July!  They met through mutual friends seven years ago.  Mark’s proposal to her was so sweet!  Here’s the proposal story in Tara’s words:

“We were out one day with friends, watched a movie and had a coffee triple date. They had it all planned out and made it seem like one of our regular triple dates. As we got in the car heading home, all the guys gave all the girl’s blind folds pretending there was a surprise for us three girls…  Later on as we arrived at our destination, got out of the car, I ended up being the only one left with the blindfold on. As I take my blind fold off, I found my self and all of our friends and my family at the Louisville Water Tower. Him and our friends had set up some lights and decorations with all our pictures throughout the 6 years we’ve been together. It was already getting dark, so the lights really looked soooo beautiful…”  And, then he proposed!!  How romantic!

I was admiring Tara’s gorgeous hair the entire session!  It’s just so gorgeous!  Mark and Tara are so natural together, and obviously so photogenic.  Enjoy!!

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