Riverview at Hobson Grove Bowling Green Engagement Session



They say third time’s the charm, and thank goodness that was the truth for Makenzie and Josh’s engagement session!  They aren’t the only couple I’ve had to reschedule with multiple times this month due to rain!  We had some beautiful weather this April, but when the sun wasn’t shining, the rain was pouring.  This year more than ever, I’ve been thankful for the rain, because I actually have a yard and have been watching all kinds of plants grow.  I have ferns, oakleaf hydrangeas, giant hostas, azaleas, and more!  I’m trying to embrace this new side of me, when before I couldn’t keep a houseplant alive.  Now, back to this engagement session!

I met Makenzie and Josh at the cutest little park tucked away behind a baseball field in Bowling Green.  The centerpiece of the park are the grounds of a historic home (Riverview at Hobson Grove) that was first built in the 1850s, but wasn’t completed until 1872 because of the Civil War.  Today, the home is owned by the city of Bowling Green.  There’s actually some very interesting history behind the beautiful home, and I’m so glad we found this little treasure for their session!  We had gorgeous weather for their session, so I was afraid we would be fighting for some space at this location, but it wasn’t very crowded at all.

When I first met Makenzie, I felt like we had already met!  We follow each other on Instagram, and I had seen her post pictures of Josh, her wedding shower, and family members…  I couldn’t wait to meet her!  Social media can seem like a drag sometimes, but this is one of those times when I’m reminded of how it can be a great way to connect with others we may not have otherwise met!  Makenzie found me through one of my 2018 Kentucky brides!  I love when brides find me through previous brides, because it usually means we are a great fit!

Makenzie and Josh will be tying the knot in less than three weeks!!  They are such a JOYFUL couple.  They met at church, and have been together for quite some time.  I know their wedding is going to be a wonderful day, and I can’t wait.

Enjoy!!  Just wait until you see how gorgeous Makenzie is!

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  1. Kit and Judy Klein says:

    Absolutely the sweetest pictures of our grandson and his beautiful soon to be bride and our new granddaughter —
    Beautiful job

  2. Kit and Judy Klein says:

    Absolutely the sweetest photos of our grandson and his beautiful soon to be bride and our new granddaughter —
    Beautiful job-

  3. Erica Swantek says:

    What a lovely engagement session! I really love her dress.

  4. Mandy says:

    Katie these are beautiful!!! How awesome that you found this beautiful historic home at your location – what a gem!! Love these pictures!

  5. Sarah says:

    These images are perfection!! I love the venue!

  6. […] Bowling Green, Kentucky, Although it is a bit of a drive, I believe this place is a hidden gem and I would love to go back.  It has beautiful light and a historic vibe.  It was so quiet, even on a beautiful night it wasn’t crowded.  There’s even a beautiful hill with excellent sunset lighting.  I could shoot here every night.  View a Riverview at Hobson Grove Engagement Session […]


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