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Jen and Daniel were such a sweet couple!!  We met at Tom Sawyer park in one of the first locations I ever ventured out to for professional portraits.  It was glowy, and meadow-like.  Thankfully, Jen said this was exactly the look she was going for!  I had not been to this location in years, so I arrived early to scope it out for the best spots.  I was so grateful when I saw the sun sparkling through the trees, and didn’t see another soul in sight!  I just love when I can find a quiet, comfortable place to photograph my couples, because that’s not always the case!

Though we started off in this glowy meadow, we later ventured down a dirt pathway, and found an overgrown field, just as the sun was setting.  Jen was in heels, but she didn’t hesitate a minute to walk down an unknown pathway, even though we might not have found a good spot for some portraits!  Luckily, the little trip paid off, and I’m glad we took a chance.

I have to share Jen and Daniel’s proposal story, because it’s one of the sweetest I’ve heard lately!  Here it is, in Jen’s own words!

So Daniel and I are building our first house. A couple months ago we had plans with some friends of ours to go to the Louisville Boat show (I know kinda lame). Well before going to the show he wanted to run by the house and show our friends the progress. So we get there and I walk up to take a picture and my friend says “why don’t I get a picture of you two in front of the house?” So we walked up the driveway to take the picture and I see Daniel kicking a wood board out of the way and under neath is a door mat that says “Will you marry me?” So as I turn around to him he’s pulling out a ring box and getting down on one knee 🙂 I’m pretty sure I blacked out for a minute haha. It was literally so perfect and so sentimental. Well, it gets better….we go to walk inside and “show our friends the inside” and as soon as I walk through the door our immediate families and closest friends are standing there with champagne and balloons. Seriously it was the best day of my life!

I’m so glad they found me, and I can’t wait to photograph their wedding later this year!  Enjoy!

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