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Over the last few weeks, I’ve thought more and more about how much my vision for this year was completely upended by the global pandemic!  I have felt inspired by people like Lara Casey and Nancy Ray to check-in with myself and business, as we are halfway through 2020 and Summer is nearing an end.  It’s safe to say, this is a bizarre year- one that is flying by but seems like it’s lasting ages.  Because of how unpredictable things are, I’ve found myself struggling to set long-term goals, and have thought quite a bit about the goals I set at the beginning of the year, without any idea of what 2020 would hold.

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My Original 2020 KGP Goals

  • Consistently show up on social media.

  • Photograph 20 weddings.

  • Tend to relationships with KGP Couples and other wedding vendors.

  • Take on a creative endeavor not related to photography.

  • Submit 5 of my weddings for publication in 2020.


I didn’t realize how tough it would be to accomplish these goals.  For example, showing up on social media this year has been tougher than ever.  There is a fine line between sharing pretty images and seeming insensitive to all that is going on in our world and society.  Most of my weddings have been postponed until next year.  Social distancing has made it more difficult to foster relationships with my couples and vendors over coffee or a meal.  When I think of my original goals this way, it can be deflating.

But, I’ve stopped focusing on the things that may or may not happen this year.  I want to share how I’ve shifted my vision from long-term to short-term.  This shift has really helped me handle the uncertainty surrounding nearly every aspect of life right now.  I have felt compelled to share some of the ways I’ve shifted my thinking, in case it can help someone else!

  • I am taking it one day at a time.  

I highly recommend The Five Minute Journal.  It’s allowed me to be grateful for what I have each day, and to see the possibility in each day, instead of worrying about yesterday or tomorrow.  The Productivity Planner is also a great way to feel you’ve accomplished a little bit each day.

  • I’m keeping my blinders on.

I’m limiting my time on social media because I don’t want to get caught up in the comparison game of what others may be doing or able to accomplish during this difficult time.  I turn off notifications regularly.  I like to delete Instagram from my phone for a few days at a time, and I don’t check it before bed or first thing in the morning.

  • Focus on what I can control.

I’m using the time I have to improve and work on the things in my business and personal life I can control.  I’ve been re-evaluating my workflows, updating my website, taking courses, and doing my best to be prompt and focused for my clients.  Two courses I highly recommend are Simplified Productivity by Megan Minns and The Bridal Details Photography System by Audrey Rose.

  • Find time for fun stuff by creating strong boundaries!

I’ve found that creating a consistent daily routine, with strong boundaries for family and personal time, has allowed me to mentally step away from the stress of things like the news, and business.  More than ever Ryan and I have spent our time together playing a lot of games, and going on super long walks with Summer. I’ve read more this year than I can ever remember.  There’s no such thing as balance in your life,  but I truly believe creating boundaries, and having plenty of time with my family has really helped me stay fresh and on top of things in my business!


This shift has really helped me handle the uncertainty surrounding the future, and find peace in my daily life.  Have you found yourself doing the same?  Maybe you can use one of these ideas to find more joy in your daily life during the weirdest year ever!

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