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Every photographer is different when it comes to what they want to wear on wedding days.  This post is just a glimpse into my thoughts on why I wear what I wear and what I wear on wedding days.  I haven’t changed it up much since I began photographing weddings years ago.  I like to keep it simple.  When I wake up on a wedding Saturday, the last thing I need is a complicated outfit choice that takes up time and stresses me out.

I do want to mention, although I’ve linked everything.  The only referral link is my Rothy’s link.

  • Each year, I buy two or three new dresses typically in navy, but occasionally in black.  These days, I like to buy them in midi length, so that I feel like I can bend down and sit down while I photograph details.  During wedding season, I will simply rotate these dresses.  If a dress is good quality, I can use it for several years.
  • My favorite style of dress for wedding days are lightweight midi dresses, with pockets.
  • My favorite stores to buy wedding day dresses are Boden, Uniqlo, and J. Crew.  This is probably a great place to mention I’m petite and these stores have great options for me!

Now, let’s talk shoes.  I’m a big fan of Rothy’s.  I have three pairs of Rothy’s.  I have a cream, black, and purple pair all in pointed-toe, because I feel this slightly elongates my legs, and is an elegant look.  I also have mary-jane style which I love.  I prefer Rothy’s because I can throw them in the washing machine with everything else I wear on wedding days.  If I’m being completely honest, most of the wedding season, I do not smell good at all by the end of the wedding day.  Being a photographer is a physical job!  That’s one reason I love it so much.  So, yes I stink!  And, so do my shoes!  So, for most weddings, I wear my Rothy’s.  But, if I’m not in the mood to wear my Rothy’s, I will usually wear leather Kate Spade flats similar to these which are a neutral shoe and go with just about anything!  P.S.- Make sure you don’t dry your Rothy’s! And order half a size up for pointed toe!


I don’t think I’ve ever heard or read about any other photographer talking about what *ahem* undergarments they wear on wedding days, but I think it’s a topic worth being explored.  I will never forget when one of my second shooters captured a sweet photo of me from behind helping my bride carry her dress.  I was mortified, however, when you could clearing see that I was not wearing the proper underwear.  Since then, I have worn nude spanx or seamless underwear to every wedding.  I also wear this extremely comfortable True & Co. bra that I swear by and own four of to every single wedding!

In my opinion, it is so important to be comfortable at a wedding, but to also look put together and elegant, especially when you are shooting a high-end event.  Before I leave for a wedding, I make an effort to do something with my hair and put on makeup, even if my makeup is going to melt off in a couple of hours (probably before the guests arrive), and my hair is going to go up in a clip.  The bride will know I made an effort for one of the most important days of her life- and that’s what matters the most!

In Summary:

What to Wear on Wedding Days Wedding Photographer

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