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You all know I love a classic, elegant wedding day. Anne Margaret and George’s day was just that. From the classic venues- the historic Henry Clay in downtown Louisville, and gorgeous St. Boniface Catholic Church, to the neutral color palette. I’m excited to share some of my favorites from their wedding day! Thank you Anne Margaret for answering some questions about your big day to give us some insight into your choices and favorite memories!!

K: What drew you to your venues specifically?

A: I chose both the church and reception space because I felt like they both had so much history and character. St. Boniface is the oldest Catholic Church in Louisville. I love how classic, timeless, and ornate they both are. It’s also a big plus for me that they don’t require much additional decoration! That is not my forte. 

K: Any details or planning choices that were particularly important to you?

The band was definitely the first thing I thought about when I got engaged, and I did pick my band before any other vendors. My family loves a good band and we spent multiple Saturday nights watching the band’s promo videos on youtube while drinking and dancing.

K: What are some of your favorite memories from the wedding day?

A: One of my favorite memories was when they opened the church doors to walk down the aisle. It happened so quickly, and it was so surreal to see all of these people in one room, there for us, even though I knew they were coming. I thought I would sob down the aisle, but I was so distracted looking at all these people we love that I smiled the whole way, and honestly forgot George was waiting at the end until we got there…and he was crying so then of course I did cry.

Another favorite memory is when Candace brought me into the ballroom to see everything before they opened the doors for guests. I was so shocked and pleased at the same time to see how beautiful everything turned out. I was so stressed leading up to the wedding, specifically about details and decor, because that’s not my strong suit, and it was so wonderful to see how everything came together…honestly I was shocked it looked that good.

George surprised me during the band’s second set by getting up there and drumming to ‘You Are The Best Thing’. It’s usually impossible to keep anything a secret from me, and George even thought I knew because I’d gotten on his laptop while an email from the band was up, but due to how scatterbrained I was right before the wedding, I had no idea. It was very sweet.

Last one – all the people who told me they’d never stayed at a wedding until the lights turned on. 

As you can tell, their wedding day was not only classic, but a ton of fun! I love how they prioritized entertainment for their wedding day, and it clearly paid off! I highly recommend hiring a live band if it’s in the budget. It really makes for such a great guest experience!

Congratulations Anne Margaret & George!


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Planner | Candice Ford Event Design

Venue | St. Boniface Catholic Church

Reception Venue | The Henry Clay

Dress | Relix Bridal Justin Alexander

Hair and Makeup | @updoqueen_weddinghair_laura @makeupbydawnphillips

Florals | Bride’s Aunt

Bridesmaids Dresses | Dessy Group

Band | Power 2 Party

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