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We all love a good lens and new gear, but there are also non-gear items that make my life so much easier on wedding days. I would 100% consider myself a light packer on wedding days.  Having too much “stuff” on wedding day not only weighs you down, but it takes longer to move around and setup resulting in missed moments and memories, in my opinion.  So, I’m pretty pick about what non-gear I do bring to weddings.

I am a curious person and love knowing what other people love and use, so I decided I would share some of my favorite non-gear items today.

Ona Bag  I have had this Ona camera bag for so long that I don’t even think they sell it anymore.  They do sell really similar ones, though.  I love this bag and have received countless compliments on it.  A lot of people think it’s just a cute bag, and don’t realize it’s my camera bag.  It’s roomy enough for a camera and three prime lenses, so it’s all I need for an engagement session.  And, on wedding days, it makes it easier to sort through lenses during portrait time and ceremony.  It also has a few pockets for spare memory cards, batteries, and phone.  I use this for every session I photograph, and most weddings.

ThinkTank  This carry-on rolling camera bag has been with me to every wedding I’ve photographed for the last five years.  It’s been out of the country with me, across the US, and on some really tiny planes.  I can store all of my wedding day gear in it, other than my OCF setup.  It holds all of my spare gear, as well.  I can’t imagine shooting a wedding with anything else.  The size is perfect, because anything bigger and I wouldn’t be able to haul it around, roll it on gravel, and get moving quickly.  And, it has plenty of cushion and support for my gear, and lots of pockets!  It’s great for airplane travel, too.  Mine is so beat up at this point, but it is perfect!

Holdfast Money Maker Dual Camera Strap If you shoot weddings you know the back pain and foot pain is real!  I use my Ona Camera bag a lot, and of course, always sling it over the same shoulder for hours.  When I’m trying to avoid this, I love to pull out my Holdfast Money Maker because it balances the weight of the gear on my body.  From a more technical standpoint, it’s great to have two cameras ready to go on wedding days, especially during ceremonies or when you are changing locations a lot.  I love to keep a 50 and 85 on my two cameras. 

Rothy’s Pointed Toe Flats

I have four pairs of Rothy’s.  I have a cream, black, and a neutral purple pair all in pointed-toe, because I feel this slightly elongates my legs, and is an elegant look.  I also have a pair of mary-jane style which I love.  I prefer Rothy’s because I can throw them in the washing machine with everything else I wear on wedding days.  If I’m being completely honest, most of the wedding season, I do not smell good at all by the end of the wedding day.  Being a photographer is a physical job!  That’s one reason I love it so much.  So, yes I stink!  And, so do my shoes!  So, for most weddings, I wear my Rothy’s.  P.S.- Make sure you don’t dry your Rothy’s! And order half a size up for pointed toe!

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